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Trade news

Eco solvent printer related problem analysis series

The difference between the original and compatible printhead
People tend to have this kind of psychology: if the abnormal situation using the original printhead, may be the first thought is their wrong operation? But the use of the compatible printhead will think compatible out of the question printhead problem, in fact this is a state of mind, and the original manufacturer just seize the consumers of this kind of psychological, obtained from the printhead at a steady stream of violence! A matter of fact, compatible printhead printing effect can be like the original. Compatible consumables in the original factory the double extrusion of coercion and counterfeit products, strong production and development so far, itself proved its market value.

Eco solvent printer related problem analysis series
2016 cheap hot selling 3.2m WER-ES3202 eco solvent printing machine

All manufacturers in tone consistently suggested that the user must use the original printhead, this is actually a kind of propaganda, and this kind of propaganda in the early indeed played an important protective effect, but people consumption idea matures, more and more users will be more compatible with the printhead. The current domestic market compatible printhead market development soon, will be increasingly standardized, compatible with printhead are also constantly improving the quality and perfect service. Therefore, compatible with printhead with its superior quality and competitive price to replace original printhead become another option is the inevitable trend of users.

Compatible with printhead ink brands on the market is very at present much, quality is good and bad are intermingled, good compatible consumables vendors will usually technology according to the corresponding printhead with brand production, ink has a complete product; Besides comparing all kinds of brand price, also consider the brand have after-sales service (as a result of using the brand products, happen printhead is damaged, whether the company can repair the machine and other technical services.)

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