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  • Factory direct price dye sublimation printer for sale with epson dx5 head
  • Factory direct price dye sublimation printer for sale with epson dx5 head
  • Factory direct price dye sublimation printer for sale with epson dx5 head
  • Factory direct price dye sublimation printer for sale with epson dx5 head

Factory direct price dye sublimation printer for sale with epson dx5 head

  • Condition:
  • Type: piezoelectric printer
    Brand Name: WER
    Model Number: WER-EW160
    Usage: Cloths Printer, Paper Printer
    Automatic Grade: Automatic
    Color & Page: Multicolor
    Voltage: 220V
    Gross Power: 2500W
    Dimensions(L*W*H): 2680mm*870mm*940mm
    Weight: 250KG
    Certification: CE, SGS, BV, IS09001-2000 



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WER-EW160 sublimation printer

Print Technology

Drop-On-Demand piezoelectric   technology

Head Type

Epson DX5 print head

Head Quantity

One head (2 pcs head is   optional)


180 nozzles*8 lines

Height of Print Head

1.2mm / 2.8mm above media,   adjustable

Ink Supply Method

Independent continuous ink supply system

Ink Cartridge

Ink Type

Only use special cartridge   accepted by Eco solvent ink


220cc / 440cc 5cc



Ink Control

Set low ink capacity Alarm   system according to each color light indicated

Media Cutter

Equipped, automatic cut

Media Operation

Automatic feeding media   structure, cutting and draw in

Media Sensor

Two sides, front edge &   rear edge

Print Speed

Production mode

17.5m2/h (360*1440dpi,   4pass)

Standard mode

11.0m2/h (720*1080dpi,   6pass)

Ultra quality mode

8.0m2/h (720*1440dpi, 8pass)

Print Width


Acceptable Media Width


Print head Cleaning

Automatic and manual control   cleaning system

Safe Cover

Automatic offline functions   safe interlocking device

Print Interface

USB2.0 or HI USB

RIP Software

Maintop and Photo print 10th   for Window XP or Win7

Heater System

Front, back and center   platform heaters separately

Usable Media

Banner, PVC vinyl,   perforated vinyl, photo paper, PP paper, backlit film and inkjet canvas Etc.

Take Up System


Power supply

50Hz/60Hz, 220V(±10%)>1.7A

Operation Environment

Temperature: 20°C~32°C;   Humidity: 35%~80%

Package Dimension


Gross Weight


Product Video


1.   Micro Piezo Printing Technology

The DX5 Micro Piezo print heads can reach resolution of 1440 dpi. Its extremely fine ink droplets are able to fully reflect the rich details of the pictures, and to fulfill the requirement of short viewing range.

2.   Variable Ink Droplets Technology

The variable ink droplets technology can project micron grade ink drops of various sizes. Ink drops are between 1.5pl to 21 pl to produce best color results, smooth gradients, and fine details.

3.   Progressive Pass Compensation Technology

The progressive pass compensation technology is used to remove the grinning of white ground or edge overlap( banding lines), which is usually caused by mechanical inaccuracy, and further improve the yield and save the cost.

4.   Stochastic Ink-droplet Distribution

With the technology of Stochastic ink-droplet distribution, some problems caused by nozzle clog, like white strips, can be resolved. Even with 15% nozzle clogged, A-Starjet series printers can still ensure the printing quality.

5.   Multi-heads Arrangement Technology

Four heads can raise the printing speed. In quad-heads mode, CMKY heads can be replaced separately, which can lower the maintenance cost. It can be chosen among single head mode, multi-head quality mode and multi-head performance mode to meet all needs.

6. New Mechanical Structure

 It includes a linear guide drive structure, XY axis coding system, multi-channel ink supply system, heating system on both front and rear platform, media absorption system, and print heads auto-service station. Besides, it also has a paper handling system that can bear loads up to 70kg, and a drying system. The printer weights about 220kg in total and 90% of its components are very durable.

7. USB 2.0, Bundled with RIP

USB 2.0 interface supports high speed data transmission and collaborative operation. It greatly enhances the printing performance. iPrint 3 RIP software fully complies with ICC color management standard. And it supports automatic image tiling and composition, linear color adjustment and inking management, etc. With the optional PS components, it is also able to process Adobe Postscript files.

8. Wide Range of Media Compatibility

The height of print head is adjustable between 2 to 5mm, up to 330cm media in width. The printer can use many kinds of compatible ink, like eco-solvent or water-based ink, also pigment or dye ink, as well as sublimation ink. Various of media can be used, including self-adhesive paper, PP, backlit film, canvas, non-woven fabric, chemical fabric, PU leather, micro fibre, leather and etc.

9. Easy to Maintain & Easy to Use

A-Starjet series printers are designed to meet the high standard of user friendly and operation stability in the industry. Its operability, reliability and durability can compete with any other famous-brand printers in the market.

10. Higher Performance-cost than any famous-brand printers

A-Starjet series printers have world leading performance and almost half the market price to any famous-brand printers. Furthermore, the printers are able to cover 320cm printing width, and the components are reliable and long lasting. They are designed to satisfy customers with large yield.

Competitive Advantage

1.  Print Head: 2 pcs Epson DX5 print head, each print head has 1440 nozzles. Currently A-Starjet has promoted decrypting board to Epson DX5 print head, so the buyers no need to worry about the print head when he / she buy this kind machine.
2.  Printing Width: the maximum width can be up to 3.2m.
3. Media feeder system: through-core type or roller type.
4. The only step need for adjust the print heads is to insert the print head into the carriage. It doesn’t need to be adjusted for several times and dairy maintenance is quite easy and can be learned quickly.
5. Eco-solvent ink: it is eco-friendly, the smell of the ink is light which is suitable to use the printing media in indoor and outdoor both.

Dye Sublimation Printer Applications

Traditional screen printing processes for decorating, coating and finishing textiles waste materials and energy. High set-up costs and long make-ready times make short production runs uneconomically, while the complex design implementation process makes new product introduction times lengthy. Traditional techniques are also limited in the range of colours available on a single print.

Benefits of digital inkjet textile printing
Textile printing solutions are available for printing fashion, interior, outdoor and technical textiles
Low set-up and running costs enable you to print economically at all run lengths, greatly reducing inventory requirements
Fast introduction of new designs reduces time to market, keeping you ahead of the competition
Detailed prints with a wide range of vibrant colours increases product quality
Variable image printing and personalisation opens up new product possibilities
Materials can be deposited in precise quantities, greatly reducing ink, water and energy usage
Functionalities, including coatings and active materials, can be applied more efficiently than with conventional methods


With silk as raw materials of all kinds of silk textile. Like cotton, its many varieties and different personality. It can be used to make all kinds of clothing, especially suitable for making women's clothes. Its advantage is thin, fit, soft, smooth, breathable, colorful, full of sheen, nobility is elegant, wear comfortable. Its shortage is wrinkle easily, easy to absorb, and not strong enough, faded quickly.

The canvas

Canvas is a kind of relatively thick cotton or linen fabric, use plain weave, more commonly a few with twill weave, warp/weft yarn with more shares. Canvas usually called rough canvas and thin canvas two kinds. Thin canvas for labor protection clothing and supplies, after dyeing or printing, also can be used as a shoe, bags fabrics, handbags, backpacks, table cloth, table cloth and so on.

 Price description

For the above items, there are some consumable parts(like printheads)and some Non vulnerable parts, so WER company just offered some of the prices as reference. If you need the exact price, please feel free to contact our sales staff.

No. Discription Unit Quantity
1 Ink Tank 500ml 4
2 Ink damper Standard 2
3 Syringe Standard 4
4 Copper Cap small 4
5 Copper Cap big 4
6 Quick Connector 4mm 10sets
7 Power cable
8 Driver software
9 Screws 3X8/4X8 20
10 Ink tube 3.8 2m
11 Ink tube 2.8 2m
12 Ink cap top
13 Ink pump
14 Printhead data cable
15 Raster strip
16 Swab rod
17 Y shape three direct links
1 package

1.Do not insert the printhead cable in a wrong position, in case of nozzle burn out.
2.In case of a sudden carriage crash, you should avoid nothing to stop the printhead carriage.
3.Be careful when you refill the inks, you should use a funnel to add in case that ink falls on the ground.
4.Printhead cleaning solution should be used when cleaning, in case of the printhead clogging.
5.Before operating the machine, you should read the instruction first, in order to avoid improper operation.

Packaging & Delivery

A: Standard Export Wooden 
B: Packing size: 1200*1000*780mm|
C: Aircargo Sea-shipment Available Both
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 10 days after paymen

Excellent After-sale Services

1.One year warranty You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype, MSN etc. Remote control will be provided upon request. 2. Free exchange of new components Our quality is guaranteed 100%, the spare parts can be replaced within one year free of charge includes the airfreight by express, except for the print head and some consumable parts.
3. Free online consultation The technician will keep online. No matter what kind of technical questions that you may have, you would get a satisfactory answer from our professional technician easily.
4. Free onsite installation and training If you are able to help us with getting the visa and also would like to bear the costs involved like flight tickets, food, etc, we can send our technician to your office, and to give you a free installation and training for as long as you know how to operate it.

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