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Trade news

How inkjet company should expand the advertising market

How inkjet company should expand the advertising market

In the printing industry’s rapid development and the increasing competition in the industry environment, as printing company how they should expand the advertising market? This is everyone in print is well worth thinking about. Actually, in this industry increasing competition, concentrated in two aspects, on the one hand is the application of high performance and high resolution of printing devices, on the other hand is prints talented person’s raise.

First printing devices, high performance, high resolution printer applications

Today, the equipment market of the early pioneers and users have through their work, full of imagination and creativity will seek and dig out new print space. From the Settings on the application of users and businesses are in pursuit of high performance and high resolution in high speed printing equipment, from the traditional printing machine with today’s high performance of piezoelectric machine shift, even from multi-tasking and inkjet printing equipment in the field of application of change; For example from weak solvent print quality compatibility to multifunctional extending the application of UV universal printing shift. In the development of the industry, many customers have bought UV machine to see in the UV printing machine can be widely applicable material, can almost print in all of the hard material and print on the flexible material, and the UV ink is a kind of high quality durable and environmentally friendly ink, so the scope of its application to break through the already crowded ordinary print advertising, giving the user to the broad space to develop strong ability of the business! Are printed on the multi-functional high-performance plastics equipment plays a very important advantages in the fierce competition in the industry. Especially the emergence of some UV multi-function machine but also can give the company’s pioneering director more than a kind of new train of thought. After restructuring and shuffling print market constantly creates a new space for brand companies, now need to consider is how to do business deeply and widely, such as cross-industry business, develop personalized market is worth practitioners thought, therefore, from this perspective, printing equipment of high performance and high resolution application to win the opportunity development space.

Second, the printing talent training
The competition is fierce and the market is merciless, evolution laws of nature has made a batch of not competitive print service enterprises disappeared from the market, leaving only a real strength of the company. Print at home also has the very big development space, also takes a lot of talent, how to choose to suit oneself enterprise development talent, how to develop and manage these talents for enterprises to better service, all of these are before print enterprises have to face the situation. Market competition, the competition is actually talent, with the progress and development of printing industry, puts forward higher requirements on prints talented person, to the attention of the people also gradually attention by people. In front of the corporate forays, the great ship sails out enterprise, search for the enterprise success tracks, they certainly should not with the winners, certainly not gathered a batch of strong talent. In this highly competitive advertising market development, enterprise should realise must intensify personnel training and talent management, play the greatest potential for talent, so as to ensure the competitiveness of the enterprises, which can ensure enterprise in the competitive environment invincible.

For domestic printer price drop down again, production demand also increase substantially, but with the increase of people’s brand awareness, advertisers when choosing advertising agent, will not just limited to the price high and low, so the “quality of survival” will also be further advertising industry, generally no equipment is relatively backward, print consumables, relatively poor in market competition at a disadvantage, even on the verge of industry and therefore enhance their production capability, or let them make up class, on scale, gradually into the standardization, collectivize, can be in an impregnable position, the development of the company to further expand the advertising market, in high-performance printing devices applied in the cultivation of the talent both conditions are necessary.

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