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Trade news

Inkjet printers, common problems and solving method and the routine maintenance

Inkjet printers, common problems and solving method and the routine maintenance, WER as a printer manufacturer in this industry, know the printer used in daily production, long work or improper operation will make machine appear this problem or a problem, the following explains these which let a person vexed problem.

1, problem: production design garbled words
Possible reasons: encoding converter has a problem or poor contact;
Solution: (1) change the encoding converter; (2) check whether encoding converter connection circuit.

2, question: production drop ink phenomenon
Possible reasons: drops of ink or suction duct suction force is not enough;
Solution: (1) increasing the vacuum degree; Analysis: the increase of nozzle of drops of the draught, commonly used in pressure can not meet the requirements of the installed, can not blindly increasing the vacuum degree; (2) decrease the temperature of bricks; Analysis: the billet temperature is too high will produce some water vapor, water droplets will combine with ink to form a precipitate and gradually form drops; (3) with automatic cleaning nozzle; Analysis: manually, physical cleaning, is the most simple of the most common emergency treatment; (4) increasing the frequency of the suction duct; Analysis: on the basis of the pressure is big enough to apply.

3, question: produced in the production process has a white line
Possible reasons: nozzle clogging; Analysis: it could be particles, can also be drops;
Solution; (1) high vacuum degree lower vacuum degree; Analysis: the higher vacuum degree can suppress the ink jet normally; (2) the drop ink nozzle with automatic cleaning; Analysis: the production of one of the emergency handling; (3) with a clean cloth to wipe nozzle note nozzle can’t wipe back and forth, only one direction to wipe otherwise it will damage the nozzle; Analysis: generally used for automatic cleaning nozzle fruitless after use; (4) improve continuous voltage with hundred grayscale images to print; Analysis: the effect is not very good, but could put ink road, make print normal; (5) the nozzle on the in and out of the pipe to make the ink flow switch; Analysis: in the automatic cleaning nozzle and artificial wipe nozzle fruitless rear to use.

4, question: vacuum degree in the process of production is not stable
Possible reasons: the cartridge have air into the road or ink leakage;
Solution: (1) check the ink pump, foam pump, circulating pump is working correctly, note: replacing ink pump defoaming pump to see in and out of the pipe; (2) check whether defoamer filter in and out of the pipeline leak; (3) whether the filter pipe clamp clamping, clamping pipe again;

5, problem: Too much ink residues on the nozzle
possible reasons: the tension of the ink or inkjet machine voltage deviation;
Solution: (1) change the tension of the ink; Analysis: not recommended for use, put off for ink and wash can produce a lot of cost, if not clean, different kinds of reaction may occur and affect the ink nozzle; (2) reduce the inkjet machine voltage to observe hang ink note don’t wave when the voltage is too large. Analysis: it is recommended that the debugging voltage to the tension of the ink, usually installed when debugging.

6, problem: the production of color or depth degree have appeared in the process of change
Possible reasons: ink, ink density change is not fully shake or ink performance is not stable; Analysis: some ink performance is not stable, easy to precipitate;
Solution: (1) temperature setting if there is a change notice temperature setting cannot fluctuation more than 4 ℃ or color changes will obviously; (2) add ink are fully shake before 20-30 minutes; (3) check whether the agitator is normal; (4) check the voltage setting of the machine for change.

7, problem: lack of ink appeared in the process of production
Possible reasons: defoamer, filter with high voltage or ink viscosity is low;
Solution: (1) the defoamer is filled with ink, if the dissatisfaction check whether the foam pump work normally; Lower voltage; Reduce the temperature increase for the ink frequency.

8, problem: image appeared in the process of production on the belt
Possible reasons: magic eye recognition inaccuracies, belt uneven or fluff;
Solution: (1) check to see if the magic eye height is low or magic eye was covered by the ink to use clean cloth to wipe the electric, the electric eye position adjustable high; Analysis: belt uneven where there will be bumps, imported belt edge will be napping, can make magic eye mistakenly identified for printing.

9, problem: deep lines appear in the process of production
Possible reasons: nozzle point card malfunction or nozzle partition high voltage;
Solution: (1) remove the nozzle point card to observe nozzle point card line burn out, if you want to change a new nozzle burn out point card. (2) the partition voltage setting whether changes, if changes need to be adjusted.

10, problem: the overflow pipe has no ink, inkjet machine alarm
Possible reasons: ink pump don’t work properly;
Solution: gradually increase the frequency of the ink pump, observe the overflow tube ink.

11, problem: cooling machine not work properly, inkjet machine alarm
Solution: check the cooling machine in and out of the pipe blockage and whether there is water in pipes, if there is no need to fill it up with water; Check the cooler temperature is in the set temperature; Check whether the coolant within the cooling machine is less than specified amount.

In many cases, the printer problem is not the quality problem of the printer itself, but in using process, there are caused by improper operation, develop good habits in daily working, to prolong the life of the printer, WER’S own unique printer factory, have their own modified white ink, there are from personalized printer to the machine on the factory mass production, there are many machines and more experience, welcome everybody to visit WER.

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