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  • Large Format Eco Solvent Printer,Vinyl Pvc Flex Banner Eco Solvent Printer
  • Large Format Eco Solvent Printer,Vinyl Pvc Flex Banner Eco Solvent Printer

Large Format Eco Solvent Printer,Vinyl Pvc Flex Banner Eco Solvent Printer

  • Condition:
  • Print Size: 1400dpi Max.
    Product Name: Eco Solvent Printer
    Ink Type:     Eco Solvent/water Base
    RIP:     Photoprint/Ultraprint/maintop
    Print Head: Epson DX5
    Application: Adhesive Vinyl/ Flex Banner Printing
    Color: CMYK



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Large Format Eco Solvent Printer , Maintop Flex Banner Printing Machine

The applications are limitless with Hi-Pri Eco solvent printer. from 71 inches to 126 inches wide, the HP fits into any size print shop.
You can easily and efficiently create beautiful images to transfer onto garments, bags, mousepads and more. as well, you also can print on flex banner, mesh, vinyl, one way vision for indoor and outdoor advertising use. Plus, with our wide variety of eco-solvent media , you can choose between several options to find the right fit for your job!
With a low price point and various size, the Hi-Pri Eco solvent printer is the best option for anyone entering the wide-format marketplace or wanting to expand their product line.

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Hi-Pri Eco Solvent Printer with high resolution, outdoor and indoor applied, designed especially for printing of Gift, Wedding photo, sign and advertising industry.

Adopts the Epson 5th Generation( DX5) of Micro Piezo Technology,print head width up to 24.5 mm,each head has 1440 nozzles in 8 rows,With precise steel belt driving mode,to realize higher resolution,more stable printing, longer using life.

(belt is optional for 2.5 and 3.2m models )Using the static noise guide rail in printer frame,to realize more smooth and stable running, longer life, and lower noise.

Strong media feed-in system, for smooth printing on heavy outdoor materials, such as Flex banner, Vinyl , Mesh, photo paper etc. Unique wide strong media roller, to ensure stablity of media feed-in.

Independently develop intelligent print head cleaning and moisturizing device, and provide a safe and convenient print head cleaning and maintenance function.


WER Eco Solvent printers can not only print on PVC Flex banner, vinyl sticker, tarpaulin thus common outdoor medias, they can also print on Artist canvas, pear banner, beach banner, roll up banner, advertising tents, wall paper and wall sticker, photo paper, feather flag, teardrop flag, Tension fabric, etc.

Outdoor advertising canvas cloth, flag cloth, etc

This kind of material is also very popular with the market, is also very popular in the outdoor advertising, such as building large outdoor advertising display, highway large billboard advertising images, construction site brand wall advertising, outdoor wall lamp box and so on. If a user within the pictorial machine water-based ink printed on it, so it is not waterproof, if be affected with damp or water is very easy to cause the picture spread dizzy, which affects the quality of the images.


Known as wallpaper, it is a kind of used for pasting metope of interior decoration materials, widely used in residential, office, hotel, the hotel's interior decoration, etc. Material is not limited to paper, also contain other materials. Because with colour diversity, design is rich, luxurious air, safe environmental protection, construction is convenient, the price is suitable for the characteristics of a variety of other interior decoration materials can not reach, so in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions have considerable popularity.

Outdoor car sticker advertising applications

For example, we will see all kinds of buses in the street at ordinary times, the bus is open to post ads outside of pictorial machine printing, through outdoor photo machine to print advertising is not only bright, clear picture, and not for a long time to fade. Outdoor advertising people covering range is wide body, can achieve very good publicity for a long time.

Packaging & Delivery

A: Standard Export Wooden
B: Packing size: 1200*1000*780mm|
C: Aircargo Sea-shipment Available Both
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 10 days after payment

Excellent After-sale Services

1.One year warranty You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype, MSN etc. Remote control will be provided upon request. 2. Free exchange of new components Our quality is guaranteed 100%, the spare parts can be replaced within one year free of charge includes the airfreight by express, except for the print head and some consumable parts.
3. Free online consultation The technician will keep online. No matter what kind of technical questions that you may have, you would get a satisfactory answer from our professional technician easily.
4. Free onsite installation and training If you are able to help us with getting the visa and also would like to bear the costs involved like flight tickets, food, etc, we can send our technician to your office, and to give you a free installation and training for as long as you know how to operate it.

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